Here some of the recent results



Project to realize the new TV studios (5.000 sqm) to produce 15 live hours daily. The project has been realized in 3 months within the given budget.



Reorganization and turnaround phase, following a shareholder change. The operation ended successfully with the break-even in 2 years.

HSE 24


Smooth management of the reorganization due to the reduction of live hours from 15 to 12. 



From 2013 TO 2016 I’ve lead HSE24 to a turnover growth for several tens of millions Euro, with a CAGR of 46% 



Business Plan review and incorporation of the new company with extraordinary M&A operation.



Design and implementation of the integrated systems (CRM, ERP-SAP, e-commerce) realized from scratch in 5 months within the limited given budget.



Project for designing and implementing the controlling model and reporting system with OLAP technology for the Corporate Customers business unit of Telecom Italia. 


Konrad Hilbers - Chairman of the Board at HSE24

” I have hired Nicola and worked with him from 2010 – 2016 in his capacity as Managing Director (Ammistratore Delegato) of HSE24 S.p.A, Rome. I was/am Chairman of the sole shareholder of HSE24. The board of directors (CdA) selected Nicola due to his experience in starting up a teleshopping channel earlier in his career and due to the trust that he enjoyed from other board members. We are looking back at the six years of his leadership in the startup situation of HSE24 with gratefulness for his efforts and his leadership in what was not always an easy path to follow. In the initial phase of HSE24 we relied on Nicola to hire the right team (up to an organisation of more than 200 people), to structure and negotiate the main TV distribution contracts, call center outsourcing and logistics agreements etc. After some time we took the step forward to build a professional full TV production site in Rome and are thankful to Nicola for delivering this build-out in time and budget at a very professional level. Nicola was always a very respected leader of our business in Italy, internally and externally, and we are glad he has helped us build the business over the first six years of its existence. I highly recommend Nicola in any similar situation: start- up, small to mid size organisations, consumer goods, retail, regulated markets, special direct sales channels, ECommerce “

Andrea M. Michelozzi - Chairman at Comunicare Digitale

” Nicola is one of the best professional in the Media, Tv, Entertainment fields. I know him since 2001 and I don’t remember one moment where he has problem or no solve a project! He’ meticulous with a great attention on business model and sustainable economy. He add very special human values: generous, charismatic and with great passion. Nicola is great recommend and his last results speaks about his capabilities. Simply, he’s a great! “

Marco Ficarra - CEO at DestinationItalia

” Nicola is a brilliant individual who masters the financial matters at the highest level and who brings exceptional value to colleagues and to the company. His skills, together with his dedication and transparency, were instrumental, at Home Shopping Europe, to building value and to creating the conditions for the future acquisition by Mediaset that resulted into the well known Mediashopping. “

Francesco Portolano - Partner at Portolano Cavallo Studio Legale

” I have been working with Nicola continuosly since 2000 and have always enjoyed it. Nicola is, at a personal level, personable and relaxed. Professionaly, Nicola is a hard worker and knowledgeable about finance and has a sophisticated business sense, qualities which enable him to lead on commercial and corporate transactions. He has integrity and uncompromised dedication to his work. “”

Mario Bastoni - Global Head of HR at Pioneer Assets Management

” Nicola is an excellent manager with high level technical expertise and good interpersonal skills. In the years we spent together in the same company I had the chance to appreciate his integrity, his commitment to people and his positive approach to problems, I would definitively recommend him as a great person to work with. “