I always faced professional challenges working by projects and with clear and detailed objectives, driving to reach concrete results, looking to the business continuity and with the temporary manager approach.  

I'm a Temporary Manager

People make enterprises and team of people are the key success factor of any enterprise. But enterprises are themselves standalone subjects they need to live for themselves.

Then, enterprises live regardless any single person working with as a guaranty for all the stakeholders (customers, shareholders, employees, vendors).

One of the main duty for an entrepreneur and a manager is the business continuity even without and after himself.

Temporary Management


“Interim management is the rapid provision of senior executives to manage change or transition”

Who is then a temporary manager?

Senior executive: an independent high level manager, with significant experience and relevant skills proven by a strong track record
Change or transition: called to manage “from inside” specific change or transition phases and/or projects

Rapid: he’s available with short notice and strongly motivated to reach the objective and results as soon as possible
Interim: he manages phases and/or projects in a given timeframe and with clear and specific objectives

Compare to a permanent manager, even with the same objective of business continuity, the temporary manager doesn’t focus on it and on the business as usual, but on a specific “project” and on specific objective(s) and, by definition, with a clear fixed deadline and looking for reaching the result a soon as possible.

Compare to a consultant the temporary manager works from “inside” the company with specific ad real powers to reach the objective. In other words, he’s dedicated to the action, makes things happen, taking decisions and having the powers to do it.

Temporary Management


Today every enterprise need to change rapidly to continue to ero andor survive in the competition arena. Every business faces change management projects and needs to innovate.

Temporary Management can be a great tool for enterprises and shareholders to face change and transition towards a successful future.
In particular a temporary manager can be a great support in case of:

  • Change of management and necessity to cover top positions in very short time
  • Generational handover in SMEs
  • Quick turnaround from difficult business situations, economic or organizational
  • Internationalization at global level
  • Growth projects through open innovation and development of new business
  • Start-up and early stage phases where flexibility is a must
  • Digital transformation projects
  • Merger & acquisition

Temporary Management


Many advantages come to the enterprise from a temporary manager support:
High skills and experience: the temporary manager is a very high level executive with different skills and experiences to bring additional value to the company
Free thinking: the temporary manager brings an objective, fresh and new kind of vision
Responsibility: the temporary manager works for a clear and defined goal, takes actions and then responsibility for decisions and acts to bring concrete results
Flexibility: the temporary manager has himself the flexibility to adapt quickly to differente context. He has also the flexibility from a contractual point of view
Cost: the temporary manager has a temporary clear cost defined in advance and can be partially linked to the result